Free email for side projects

Did you know you could get an almost unlimited amount of free custom domain emails for your startups?

One of the biggest pains of starting a new side project is having to set up email for your new domain.

They usually charge you for each new email address, it's a pain to set up, and when you finally succeed, it's a new inbox you need to now regularly check in on and monitor.

What if I told there's a way to add new domain email addresses to your existing email address at your hearts content, for free! And access it all from one, single email account.

In fact, there's two ways of achieving this - using email aliases or email forwarding.

Google Workspace email aliases

When you sign up and create an email address in Google Workspace, you create an initial domain and user for that domain.

The trick is to give this user an email handle that is generic enough to use on many different projects. My fav is hello@.

Next, when you buy a new domain, you simply register it on Google Workspace and add your new email as an alias on your existing generic email account.

For instance, your initial generic account could have been You then bought In Google Workspace, you would then add the new domain, create a new email account for it, and add it as an alias to

And just like that, you would now have a new email address to use too, at no additional cost!

You can then go ahead and add that alias to your existing generic gmail account under settings>accounts. Afterwards you'd be able to send and receive emails as the new domain email from your existing account.

Add a user alias domain or secondary domain - Google Workspace Admin Help
For your Google Workspace or Cloud Identity accountAdd domains to your Google Workspace accountIf you own another domain, you can add it to your Google Workspace or Cl

Email forwarding

Another option is to use an email forwarding service, like Forward Email or ImprovMX

An email forwarding service will, once set up, forward emails for your custom domain to your regular email address.

You would then receive all emails sent to your new custom domain email address in your gmail address inbox. You would also be able to "send email as" from your regular gmail account, as your new custom domain email too.


My favourite approach is to use Google Workspace, since it's so easy and quick to set up and easy to use for even non-technical founders.

Hope you found this post useful!