Artificial intelligence blog writing

AI can augment your marketing team and help you reach your goals in minutes instead of days. AI writing is like a power tool for expression.

AI tools can now help you write blog posts

The biggest problem with content marketing is actually the execution part. You can have a great plan of action and all the best channels to exploit, but if you don’t have anyone to help execute your strategy, you’ll be stuck in the planning phase forever.

That’s where artificial intelligence comes in. AI can totally augment your marketing team and help you reach every one of your goals—from writing blog posts to generating leads to optimizing your website for search engines.

Here's just some of the things AI can help you with now:

  • Writing Blog Posts
  • Marketing Your Content
  • Generating Leads
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Customer Service & Support
  • Email Marketing

A full-time AI writer is only a click away.

AI writing systems are perfect for content that needs to be churned out with minimal human interaction. In the future, they may succeed at producing some types of articles faster, better and cheaper than humans can. But, to be honest, they’re still not 100% able to imitate all the nuances of human speech and expression.

It's perfect for simple content that needs to be churned out fast though! AI can produce some types of articles quicker, better and cheaper than any human can, and can shave days off your releases.

No more days waiting for drafting and editing

Gone are the days when you have to wait for content to be created. With AI, there's simply no more waiting and brainstorming. Content is ready in seconds, not days.

And this isn't just for blog writing. Leading AI companies can write entire ebooks, articles, product descriptions and reviews at almost human level quality.

And that means it's faster to deliver real value to your readers. Let AI do the heavy lifting for you!

You don't even need to pay benefits or a salary!

You don't need to worry about any of those things with AI.

The cost is a small monthly investment that is easily scaled up or down as you see fit. Robots don't need salaries and benefits.

Instead, you are leveraging the power of a creative machine that can work 24/7 without sick days, and which actually gets better the more you push it.

There's no limit to how much content AI can produce for your business.

Getting an AI writing system is a great option for your business.

Before you start, you need to determine what the software will actually do and how much you want to spend. For example, most AI writing systems do not include editing and proofreading capabilities, so if these are necessary for your business, then they'll need to be obtained separately.

To get started, first determine what kind of content is needed by your business:

  • How often would it be updated?
  • What types of content would it generate?
  • Would it create marketing or promotional materials? Blog posts? Emails? Infographics?

Once you know the type of content that's needed and how frequently the system will produce it, you can begin searching for the right AI writer.

The big reveal

Rik here, and here's the deal - this very article you just read was generated by AI.

I used CopyAI for a review that's coming soon. But go checkout out CopyAI now

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It was generated in about 2-3 minutes and took another 10 minutes or so of light editing to just make sure it's a little bit sharper.

All-in-all, I spend under 20 minutes on it. That's faster than waiting for a busy Starbucks. The future is now.