About Rik Reviews

I want to help indie makers find the things that will help them save time and make money.

There are too many analytics platforms out there. And email providers. Hosting services. Books and courses. Blogging platforms. Too many. What a drag.

Which ones are the best? Which ones won't suck? Which ones won't rip you off?

You just want freedom. You just want the tools that will help you take charge of your own life, not bog you down in admin, bills and hassles.

I'm Rik and I know what you want because I want it too. I'm also an indie maker, just like you. I know exactly how hard it is to try and get a project going and growing with just so many hours in the day.

Rik from Rik Reviews

You just want to build and market your thing, not spend days trying to figure out which tool will "save you time".

Only the best tools, plugins and service suggestions for indie makers

This site is my ongoing attempt to uncover exactly which tools, plugins and services will help you get there, faster.

I will review all the commonly recommended options of all the things you need to get your startup running, from the point of view of an indie maker themselves.

Unbiased by design

Sure, affiliate links and ads might be present here and there, but they will not influence my recommendations because they aren't my business model.

That's the ONE thing that annoyed the hell out of me about other review sites. The recommended tool or product was always one that - surprise, surprise - had the highest affiliate payout. That sucks. That's not useful.

So my business model will not be to get you to buy the thing with the highest payout because, to me,  it's thinking small and short term.

Let me be frank here and show my cards upfront. My goal for this site is one thing, and one thing only - to grow my reputation and audience.

I want as many email subscriptions as I can get. I want as many Twitter followers as I can get. I want you to know that when I recommend something, it's because I honestly believe in it.

In other words, I want people to trust me and come back to the site often. That won't happen if my reviews are crap and you feel like you're being conned to buy the most expensive things.

But go check out my reviews for yourself and see if I'm full of it. I mean, it'll be blatantly obvious with just a quick glance at any of my reviews.